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NEW! TC-2 --

Cut large OD tube sizes

In Stock -- TC-1 cordless tubing cutters in stock.

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TC-2 Cordless Tube Cutter (Special Order)


Cordless Power Tube Cutter

* Quick change heads from 1-1/4" to 4" OD

  * Self-centering drive mechanism for vibration free cutting

  * Horseshoe shaped cutting head for easy placement on a stationary tube

  * Compact size and multi-position battery for easy access into areas of limited clearances

  * 18 volt battery or 110 AC

  * Chip-less cutting wheel with removable screw pin for easy change

  * Effortless tube cutting with auto-feed, auto-stop and reverse features

  * Strong and efficient drive mechanism for long life

  * Cushioned Grip reduces fatigue

  * Accessories for tube cleaning, reaming and de-burring included in a professionally arranged impact resistant carrying case